WWE removes Sasha Banks and Naomi from content and platforms

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WWE removes Sasha Banks and Naomi from content and platforms

Only some days ago Dave Meltzer said: "If it had been other times and other places, it is very likely they would have fired them, but this is now and here the place and the time. I remember when it happened to Charlotte Flair, that thing with Becky Lynch and I talked to a few people there and the general feeling was that if they had been in other times and other places, they would probably have fired Charlotte Flair for what she had done on live tv, their angle on purpose.

But, would you like to ship them straight to AEW? No. And essentially nothing happened and they absolutely don't want to send them to AEW. Then they also have the fact that Naomi is married to Jimmy Uso ... you just have to play and wait and see what happens next.

" Now WWE is deleting from various platforms and various content Sasha Banks and Naomi after they leaving Raw earlier in the week following some backstage problems.

WWE removes Sasha Banks and Naomi from content and platforms

After deciding to remove the merchandising of both athletes from their WWE Shop, the official profiles on Facebook have now also disappeared, the only social platform of the wrestlers managed by the company, because in fact Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok for example, are managed entirely by the workers themselves or by personal assistants, but who are not connected to WWE.

Oddly, PWInsider said WWE was still selling the Boss N 'Glow t-shirts and signature Sasha Banks sunglasses at the merchandise booth during the latest episode of SmackDown. But that's not all, because someone noticed that other things have changed, such as the now iconic "Then.

Now. Forever." where WWE replaced a footage from Sasha Banks with one from Cody Rhodes, while one from Naomi was replaced with one from new SmackDown champion Ronda Rousey. Plus in the Level Up theme song, Sasha Banks has been replaced by Rhea Ripley.