CM Punk expressed on Sasha Banks and Naomi?

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CM Punk expressed on Sasha Banks and Naomi?

CM Punk, who although he did not mention names, with his last comment on Twitter and with the timing used to write this message, would seem to have replied to Sasha Banks and Naomi. Let's see what Punk wrote on his account which seems to perfectly match what happened with Naomi and Sasha from WWE: "It doesn't matter if your peers' opinion is positive or negative.

Stay by their side. Because they will do the same to you and you will hope to have someone's help. Believe me. You are expendable. Together no one can stop you "Apparently, Punk seems to have played the charge to the colleagues of Sasha and Naomi, trying to make it clear that unity is strength, as in WWE as in all other pro-wrestling companies, a situation that did not happen to him when he left WWE.

As we reported only on Tuesday morning, Naomi and Sasha or the two champions of the couple of the WWE main roster, left the arena where Monday Night Raw was taking place, after having had some differences with the management of the company.

Stamford, regarding the main event of the evening, which saw a six-way match between women, in which WWE would have to find the new challenger to the title for Bianca Belair. After hearing the booking of the match, which in theory even Naomi had to win, to become the No.

1 contender, Sasha Banks would have expressed all his disappointment, with John Laurinaitis and Vince McMahon in person, who tried to convince the two on plans for the main event, sending Sasha Banks and her tag team partner on a rampage.

At that point, both Sasha and Naomi preferred to leave their belts on the desk in the office of the director of talent relations, leaving the arena, with one of the decidedly less professional behaviors in the history of the company in the modern era.

Apparently, after listening to numerous names in world pro-wrestling on this story, between those who were happy with what the two girls did and those who instead strongly condemned the behavior of the two, the thought of the former WWE also seems to have emerged.