Sasha Banks and Naomi had a stars on their side

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Sasha Banks and Naomi had a stars on their side

During a chat on Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry wanted to defend the two former WWE duo champions, talking about what happened on Monday Night Raw. In particular Henry argued that his problem centered mostly with WWE staff who labeled Sasha Banks and Naomi's actions as unprofessional.

"My problem wasn't even with the escape, my problem wasn't even with the disagreement, or the disclaimer. My problem was with the people on the show saying it wasn't professional because I'm telling you now, if that was it.

It was my wife and I had been there working on that show, I would have gone straight to the comment table and said, 'Hey, you stay professional. Do your job and then I won't have to come in here to tell you not to do it again .

'" Obviously the man is referring to the words Corey Graves spoke after he found out about it and spoke to the WWE Universe, with the commentator also sharing his point of view at WWE After The Bell. Also in the same speech, Henry added: "You talk about dealing with defeat and coming home, it's going to ruin a lot of things.

It can't be done with pride. It wasn't fair, it was really bad. for his part to say a similar thing about another talent he works with. He has to walk us through the corridors, eat us at the catering together, fly together.

It wasn't her job to say. It wasn't Becky Lynch's job to say that. The point here is that if it was the office that told them to say those things, they were wrong to do it because they put them in an awkward position.

Keep this opinion to yourself and don't put it on the air. " In short, the strongest man in the world did not digest that definition that went to label the two wrestlers, but this thought was also expressed by many fans who on social media were unleashed against the commentator.