DDP: "I think CM Punk is better today than when he was.."

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DDP: "I think CM Punk is better today than when he was.."

MJF and CM Punk are guys who have achieved a lot in their careers. Dallas Page and Jake Roberts (The Snake) talked about them. “My promos … I wanted a little bit of everybody,” Page said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“From Jake to Dusty to Savage, everybody, a little piece sprinkled in so that you don’t really notice it … I look at MJF, he came in like this and he was just going to stay committed the whole way through.

And the stuff he did with Punk — and I think Punk is better today than when he was the man up in [WWE]”. “I think he also might feel safety,” Roberts added. “In that other company, you’ve got to be guns out and watching every which way to save your ass.

Now he’s in a place that he feels pretty comfortable”. Career of CM Punk and MJF He also made a comparison between WWE and AEW and what makes them different. CM Punk has experience in both organizations and has shown great quality.

“They’re both students of the game, and now you can go back and bring something back that’s old, that’s new,” Page said. “I love the old school, and that’s really like the ’70s, early ’80s sh*t.

Getting to partake in that … and make it like, ‘We’re going to go back in time, and we’ve got them the same way.’ “Since probably a little bit before ‘Mania, because I’ve noticed that the WWE crowds are getting ho**er and ho**er.

The fans are getting more and more involved. AEW, they’ve already been there, they’ve been there since the jump, they’re like an ECW crowd. So when you’ve got that crowd and you’re talking about a dog collar match, again, what’s old is new. And the commitment that you put into that is what takes it to the next level”.