Sasha Banks works on her eyes

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Sasha Banks works on her eyes

In recent weeks, one of the hottest topics that has been talked about within the WWE is certainly the situation of Sasha Banks and Naomi, who left the backstage of the company during one of the last tapings of Monday Night Raw, leaving the federation.

without a main event and even leaving their belts on the desk of the director of talent relations: John Laurinaitis. After having had a long confrontation with the management, the two girls would have given birth to the idea of ​​leaving the backstage, taking their bags and leaving the arena where in the meantime the WWE red show had already started and where the main had also been advertised.

event of the episode in which Sasha and Naomi would have had to take part together with 4 other contenders, to decree the new n ° 1 contender for the female title of the red show. Apparently, at the moment the WWE would have done everything possible to deviate from the two athletes, including deleting their Facebook pages or their references from the site, with the two that were no longer included even in the storylines of the federation and indeed suspended for time undetermined by the action.

Sasha Banks fixes her sight outside WWE

While the athlete remains totally absent from the WWE programs, with his situation and that of his colleague Naomi that would have passed into the hands of his own lawyers and those of his counterpart, namely the WWE, Sasha Banks has seized the ball to fix a a problem he has had for several years, that is the slightly sight In the last few hours, in fact, Mercedes Vernado, this is the real name of Sasha Banks, underwent an eye examination to recover her sight, due to a congenital defect of the eye.

As you can see for yourself and as you can hear from a video recorded with the athlete, Sasha should now abandon glasses and contact lenses, after the small but very important intervention made a few hours ago in a specialized studio.

Both before and after the surgery, Sasha posed for some photos with the entire staff of her doctor, with the girl who showed herself in shape and with a dazzling smile even after the operation, a sign that everything seems to have gone well.

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