Could Sasha Banks have been secretly released by WWE?

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Could Sasha Banks have been secretly released by WWE?

These last few hours for World Wrestling Entertainment are really tough, as it was only late last night that we reported on some internal investigations underway on Vince McMahon who would have combined one of his. Now, however, to that is added a piece of news that certainly does not please many people who over the last few years have had the opportunity to become attached to one of the women who most influenced the women's division within the company.

In fact, we are talking about Sasha Banks, who a month ago, together with her tag team partner Naomi, had abandoned Monday Night Raw in protest against the not exactly well managed booking of the female couple titles and the female couple division in general.

The two, after this gesture, had been suspended and deprived of the titles and still have not reappeared on WWE shows.

Could Sasha Banks have been secretly released by WWE

According to journalist Raj Giri, who wanted to communicate this news on Twitter, WWE would have released Sasha Banks: "I have heard that Sasha Banks has been released.

I don't know if it was her request or a WWE decision." However, because other sources must also be taken into account until the official ones speak, Fightful's colleague Sean Ross Sapp replied to Raj Giri's tweet: "I spoke to Raj this afternoon and I asked WWE about this.

Until tonight, they said they haven't heard this, and talent relations don't seem to know anything. I'm not saying it hasn't happened or it's not happening, but this is what I have heard so far when I asked.

Raj has good sources." Then he also reached: "We haven't been able to confirm the news of Sasha Banks yet. She's on the roster page, WWE reps have not confirmed, talent relations have not released anything to talent, and internal memos have not yet come out.

. We will continue to dig for an answer. If it happened, it happened in silence." We just have to wait and see if the WWE will make its usual release to let us know if it is true that it has released The Boss.