Earl Hebner bids his brother Dave goodbye

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Earl Hebner bids his brother Dave goodbye

After the death of Dave Hebner, brother of Earl, both historical referees of the WWE, who over the years had worked with the most disparate world companies, from NWA to TNA, passing through the AEW and other independent American companies, his brother gave him his last goodbye.

We talked about how the physical condition of the former referee had worsened considerably in recent years, due to a now terminal illness, with several historical friends who had gone to visit the former WWE professional, because they knew that he had remained by now.

little to live. Eventually the terrible news came, with Earl's brother Dave leaving us at the age of 73 year-old, with the news being released by the Cauliflower Alley Club, which includes wrestlers and insiders. of the most important pro-wrestling world ever.

Earl Hebner bids his brother Dave goodbye

After the terrible natural epilogue that such a disease leaves, even the famous twin brother of Dave, Earl, who is obviously the same age and has become globally famous for the Montreal Screwjob, wanted to greet the passing of the historic referee, leaving a important message on social media: "Yesterday I had to say my last goodbye to my other half, my partner in crime, my travel companion for years, my brother for 73 years.

I love you David, I'll never count you out." With a very sweet joke referring to their profession as pro-wrestling referees, Earl wanted to greet his historic brother, who has now separated with him the existence, so far passed together, from first day, inseparably, like many pairs of twins.

Another huge part of modern wrestling has left us, with the world of international refereeing certainly losing a 90's piece and with Earl orphaned of his other half, with whom he grew up, matured and became a pro. well-rounded in pro-wrestling rings around the world.

Below the Tweet of Earl to commemorate his brother: