Logan Paul: I am considering signing a deal with WWE

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Logan Paul: I am considering signing a deal with WWE

Logan Paul made his WWE debut in April this year, and seems to have gained a love for the sport. Paul seems to be thinking about WWE and playing the sport professionally, but we still don’t know how realistic that is.

"I'm on board now," Paul told The True Geordie, as quoted by The Mirror. "I only trained two days, I am just scratching the surface for what I can do in that ring. Just wait, I'm so excited. I'll give it my all.

I am considering [signing a deal]. I think they wanted to see what I could do, that was my case study.

Logan Paul on his character

Logan Paul is not someone who wants to be limited by a particular character or task. He needs freedom in what he does.

"My number one objective was to deliver. It's up to the fans, if the fans don't like me or do like me that's going to be the determinant of whether I come back or not but it turns out, I might have a little meat on that bone.

Where it gets difficult is... I got famous for being me, I don't have a character. "I can't be overly performative in my approach because I'm not playing a character. I don't know how many wrestlers are playing a character when they hop in that ring versus just being themselves, but I have to be myself."

He is known as a versatile artist and wants to try his hand in various things. "This is a question I've been asking myself because to commit to wrestling is a bit of a brand shift, which is a big deal. I do combat, podcasts, build businesses and I'd also brand myself as an artist with the photography project I'm doing," he added.

"All of those things, it's a bit of a hard pill to swallow because I do a lot. You had wrestler on that, it gives a different feel to me and the brand that is Logan Paul."