Paul Wight reveals the reasons for leaving the WWE

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Paul Wight reveals the reasons for leaving the WWE

Paul Wight is a man who says what is in his head. He is brutally honest, so this time he talked about the reasons for leaving the WWE. His relationship with Vince McMahon has not been easy, although there are only words of praise for him.

“It was frustrating. That was one of the big battles that I had with Vince—he’s an innovator, he’s brilliant, he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met in my life, he understands the human dynamic—I didn’t want to be in that legends role.

I kept saying, “Hey, quit trying to put me in Shady Pines. I’m not ready to be in the retirement home”. And that’s something that WWE has always done, too”. - Wight said for Inside The Ropes Magazine.

WWE policy

WWE sometimes has its own policy that doesn’t suit wrestlers, but you have to accept some things. “They will use every tool available to promote something that they’re promoting. Everything’s on the table with them.

And I understand that that role was setting up what it was but it was a little bit of a humbling experience to sit on the stage and get berated for the work that you’ve done. But that’s part of what you sign a contract for.

You sign a contract and you get paid to check your ego at the door. And if you don’t want to check your ego anymore, then you can leave”. Wight agreed to do what he didn't like, all with the goal of being successful.

“I’ve always done everything in WWE that I was ever asked to. They signed a cheque, it’s just a job. Sometimes your boss is going to make you do things that you don’t like. The creative process with as many different creative directions that were going on, I can look through their eyes and I can understand what they’re saying”.