Baron Corbin accused of murder against Rey Mysterio

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Baron Corbin accused of murder against Rey Mysterio

During the period of greatest closure of the world pandemic, when the WWE did not even have the possibility to admit its audience inside the sports halls and arenas in which it sent its athletes on stage, several very particular matches were broadcast, which have been called "cinematic matches" by WWE In these matches, see the Firefly Fun House match of The Fiend and John Cena at Wrestlemania or the Boneyard match that ended The Undertaker's career as an athlete, there were several camera cuts and all the scenes were obviously recorded previously.

and then edited and cut by the directing staff, who had really made a real film out of it. During that time, WWE also wanted to stage the Money in the Bank Ladder match in the same way, with the wrestlers entering the famous ladder match, moving to the Titan Towers of WWE headquarters in Stamford for a day, to record the match and the crime would have happened right there

Baron Corbin accused of murder against Rey Mysterio

If you remember well that year's WWE Men's Money in the Bank, at one point in the contest, Baron Corbin threw Rey Mysterio off the ladder and ring, with the athlete appearing to have landed under one of the towers.

of the WWE, with many WWE Universe fans from home getting scared and quite a lot about the flight of the San Diego elf, which was orchestrated by the WWE and obviously very safe. However, someone was so frightened that they called the police, denouncing a murder, with Baron Corbin who according to this person would have killed or otherwise tried to do so, the Mexican of the WWE.

To reveal this incredible phone call, Corbin himself thought of the microphones of Mornings with Matt and Bob, to which the WWE wrestler also added: "I was like in my head: Well, if Rey is one of the greatest of all time, let's see if he can fly too."

Obviously it all ended with a big laugh for both the WWE staff and the police, who once understood what had happened reassured those who called them, pretending nothing happened.