Bill Apter: "Brock Lesnar will defeat Roman Reigns at SummerSlam"

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Bill Apter: "Brock Lesnar will defeat Roman Reigns at SummerSlam"

Speaking to Sportskeeda, wrestling expert Bill Apter assured that The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar will do everything possible to redeem the losses suffered at Crown Jewel and the Showcase of the Immortals by Roman Reigns.

He said: "I think Brock Lesnar is well rested and his body is in perfect shape again now. Roman Reigns is still at the top of the company, but I think he will have to bow to Lesnar's overwhelming power at SummerSlam.

The clues lead me to hypothesize that Brock will establish a new kingdom." Bill revealed why WWE decided to bring the Beast back: "With Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes pitting through injury, WWE needed to bring a huge attraction to summer shows.

Right now, Brock Lesnar is the only credible opponent for Roman Reigns and the Bloodline. Some may not have liked his umpteenth return, but the WWE Universe can't get enough of him. La Bestia makes you sell tickets, helps you listen and will allow the company to make a splash at SummerSlam 2022."

Apter also returned to Paige's farewell: "Injuries have affected her a lot in recent years and I think he wants to devote himself to other projects at this stage in her life. Paige is a fantastic girl, I met her a dozen times and she made a wonderful impression on me.

It was clear that her relationship with WWE was winding down. "

Brock vs Roman?

The umpteenth return of Brock Lesnar has divided fans and public opinion. The rivalry between the Beast and Roman Reigns seemed to have finally ended after the affirmation of the 'Tribal Chief' at WrestleMania 38, which had allowed the latter to become the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

The company has instead announced that the two will face off in a 'Last Man Standing match' at SummerSlam, the most important pay-per-view of the summer. Many believe that the former Shield member will take another victory, having won the last two matches and has now established himself as the undisputed leader of the federation.