Jake Roberts: "I didn't know if they were going to kill Vince McMahon!"

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Jake Roberts: "I didn't know if they were going to kill Vince McMahon!"

WWE Hall of Famer, The Snake Jake Roberts spoke to Busted Open Radio about Vince Mcmahon's retirement as CEO of the company. Vince retired last week after receiving some allegations of violence against female employees who also received a hefty sum of money to keep silent.

On Vince McMahon's goodbye: "I didn't know if one day he would really retire or if someone would kill him first. I didn't really know because it made a lot of people angry and quite a lot. And sometimes money can pull you off.

out of it all. But all it takes is the courage of someone who can stop it all. Maybe thanks to everything that's going on in WWE, someone could throw the ball out there like AEW did."

Jake Roberts: "WWE needs to look around AEW"

Roberts also commented on how he believes All Elite Wrestling is bringing him back to WWE.

He made his AEW debut in early 2020, then walked away: "There's a whole world and lots of wrestling fans out there wanting more and more. For a long time Vince has been unique with his federation. Well, it's not anymore. There's a new company getting all the attention.

A change in the wrestling world is taking hold. Tony and AEW are getting closer to WWE. I hope they do and I hope they do too. I haven't been on TV for several months now, but I guess they can also welcome me for a special occasion.

I wouldn't mind, even if I still get paid. So I'm pretty happy. In my opinion though, WWE needs to start look around because she is no longer alone and must be careful of the AEW. " On AEW, Jake Roberts has been alongside Lance Archer during the two years he has been with the federation, although he has not appeared on TV with AEW since the April 27 edition of Dynamite.

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