Triple H: "I'm happy with my new role"

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Triple H: "I'm happy with my new role"

WWE's new creative supervisor Triple H talked about his first week with this new role and explained how this is being carried out by the federation. Paul Levesque took over from Vince Mcmahon last Friday after his retirement.

In an official WWE press release it was noted that he will have all the creative responsibilities of the federation's shows and will also have the role of executive vice president.

Triple H: "We need everyone's support"

When asked by Inside The Ropes' Kenny McIntosh about his first week with this new role, Triple H explained how hectic his life has become, if he weren't already on his own before: "It's a big challenge, believe me.

spent half of my time on the ground and half of my time in the air in the last few days. We've been home for a while, flew here to Nashville, my son's birthday is in the middle we have reached the first day of rehearsal. I held late night meetings with our partners, held a board meeting in the morning, got back here yesterday afternoon and finished the last half of an audition.

I worked on the shows all night but I don't complain. I'm happy and I love this role. Everyone here is working as hard as I am. As I said, it will take everyone's support to work well and we are determined to do so." Triple H has already talked about wanting to change a few things at SummerSlam, his first ppv event with the new office.

The multiple world champion wants to succeed in achieving this goal and it will be intriguing to see him at work with some news and changes. This isn't the first time Triple H leads a creative team in WWE. In fact, Paul Levesque was at the helm of NXT during the era of the yellow and black show.

At the moment, however, he is not sure when the new changes will arrive and how much there will be in the coming weeks.

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