Vince Russo: "Nothing has changed, Vince McMahon always commands"

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Vince Russo: "Nothing has changed, Vince McMahon always commands"

In recent weeks, WWE has been shaken by the decision by the now former Chairman of the company Vince McMahon to retire from the world of wrestling and any possible role. The company is now run by Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon in the first place and in recent days WWE Universe insiders and fans have already felt some changes.

Tonight there was an episode of Monday Night Raw, the first after SummerSlam's Pay per View and there were various reactions to it, some especially positive. During the last episode of Legion of RAW, broadcast on Sportkeeda Wrestling, the former creative of the red show Vince Russo made surprising statements: "Guys, I'm only here for one reason and to clarify the truth to everyone.

I don't want to be like other writers or shows who really want to believe it, the truth is another. Everyone wants to believe that Triple H is in charge of WWE's Creative Team, but that's not the case and I want to make that clear to you all.

Triple H is not responsible for creativity, Vince Mcmahon still decides everything, wherever he is. Everything that happens in Stamford passes through Vince's hands."

Vince Russo on the latest episode of RAW

In the last episode, many noticed changes within the show, due according to some precisely to the recent decision to leave the creative team in the hands of Triple H.

Russo, on the other hand, went against the grain and explained his point of view: "Nothing has changed, this is the exact same show. Maybe we will examine it and there will be some small differences but nothing has changed.

Don't be overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and saying Triple H is changing everything and rewriting this show. I already read that they say this is a better show but frankly I think I would be an idiot emeritus to say this, nothing has changed.

If you really believe this Triple H thing in charge, it must be said that it cannot be changed in a few days. It would take at least three months to accomplish all this."

Vince Mcmahon