Ric Flair after his last match: that's what he wanted!

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Ric Flair after his last match: that's what he wanted!
Ric Flair after his last match: that's what he wanted!

Mike Johnson reported that two doctors examined Ric Flair's condition immediately after Ric Flair's Last match. He said: "The doctors were waiting for him in the locker room right after the match ended. Ric was exhausted at the end of the fight, but after resting and being checked, he said he was starving and he wanted to go eat.

Although there were some scary moments in the match, we were assured that Flair is fine. After recovering, he enjoyed the rest of the night in Nashville." Vince Russo criticized Ric's choice to return to the ring at 73: "The truth is that a lot of wrestlers have Peter Pan syndrome.

They can't grow up and leave their past in the ring behind. I don't know if Ric Flair made this decision for economic reasons. At the same time, I doubt Jeff Jarrett did it for the money, he doesn't need it. I can't say for sure how this machine started.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened. I hope it was really his last match of him."

The Last Match

The last match of Ric Flair's career has gone to the archive. The Nature Boy wanted to get involved for the umpteenth time, despite the general skepticism and the negative opinion of some experts.

The 16-time world champion is unanimously recognized as one of the best wrestlers of any era, having helped to increase the popularity of this business in every corner of the globe. In 2012, he also became the first athlete in history to be inducted twice into the WWE Hall of Fame, both individually and as a member of the 'Four Horsemen'

During his long and glorious career, the 73-year-old from Memphis has managed to complete the Triple Crown in both WCW and WWE. At 73, Ric Flair has been training for months to return to the ring, with Jay Lethal being instrumental in training, to get him back in shape, even though Ric towards the end of the match left everyone very worried not answering the call of the moves and questions from colleagues many times.

Apparently, according to reports from some sources online, Flair would have refused to also take some bumps during the contest, which instead were initially foreseen by the original script of the match.

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