Kiera Hogan: Black people, we have to work ten times as hard

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Kiera Hogan: Black people, we have to work ten times as hard

There is a lot of talk about the rights of black people in today's time, and there is a great emphasis on athletes who sometimes have to give much more of themselves in order to achieve success. In the Taco Vlog, Kiera Hogan just talked about it and thinks that black people are equally talented but that they have to put in more effort.

“I feel like as Black people, we have to work ten times as hard,” Hogan opened up to Thunder Rosa on her “Taco Vlog”. as quoted by wrestlinginc. “I feel like a lot of us are very charismatic, very athletic, do a lot of things that other races and other ethnicities can do, but for us, we always have to work harder”.

Impact career

While she was part of Impact, she was missing something. Hogan thought that her character was not strong enough and that she had to be more independent. “I was there for four years and I feel like, in storylines, I was always somebody’s best friend … When I got there, I was Allie’s best friend, and then I was Jordynne’s best friend, then I was Madison Rayne’s best friend.

I was like, ‘Can I be by myself? Like, am I not strong enough to be by myself? Am I not a strong enough character? Like, what is it?’ That’s why I changed my character, so I would be able to do something different and not the same old thing”.

Almost a year ago, she decided to say goodbye to 'Impact' “What’s up babies! I’m in Nashville for tapings and you guys will be the first to know that this is my last IMPACT tapings and I’m going to see what else is out there for me [emoji] I’m so excited and scared but I know whatever I choose to do I’m gonna be the best and that’s on periodt [blue heart emoji],” she wrote.