Bobby Lashley and the doubts about Vince McMahon's retirement

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Bobby Lashley and the doubts about Vince McMahon's retirement

During a recent interview, Bobby Lashley was asked to express an opinion on the sensational retirement of Vince McMahon. Last month, Vince announced his goodbye giving way to his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan. At the same time, Triple H was put in charge of the creative team.

Bobby Lashley said: "Vince McMahon has announced his retirement, but I doubt he will completely disappear. He won't leave his baby so easily, he loves this business too much. He'll still be around, I'm sure. He's just giving other people there.

'opportunity to gain experience. He is why I'm here today. I have the utmost respect for Vince and I wish him the best. I hope to keep in touch with him even after his retirement."

Bobby Lashley and the doubts about Vince McMahon's retirement

Earlier this year, Bobby suffered a shoulder injury that nearly prevented him from competing at WrestleMania 38: "I injured my shoulder a couple of months before WrestleMania 38, I couldn't even raise my arm.

I tried to hold on in silence, I didn't want to worry the people around me, I took three weeks off to recover for Mania. I called Vince Mcmahon and he advised me to have an operation. That kind of surgery would have forced me to stop for about four months.

I told him I wasn't going to do it, because after three weeks at home I was starting to go crazy. I started training, preparing, recovering and got back in time for WrestleMania." Bobby Lashley is an eight-time world champion, having won the WWE Championship twice, the ECW World Championship twice, and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship four times.

He also held the Intercontinental title twice, the United States Championship three times, the TNA X Division Championship once, and the TNA King of the Mountain Championship once. The All Mighty is experiencing a kind of second youth and plans to keep fighting for a long time to come.

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