Paige is close to being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame


Paige is close to being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame

Paige's contract with WWE expired and was not renewed. but fight, at least for now. The career of this initially girl and now woman, got off to a great start in WWE, moving forward with a mix of roles in the ring, at ringside and backstage, creating a sort of resume that allowed her to become one of the wrestlers who more than ever, he made the history of the company.

In the latest episode of The Bellas Podcast, the Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie Bella) pushed hard for Paige's inclusion in the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame. Paige commented: "You texted me and I thought: 'Oh my God, that would be great', but then I looked at it and thought: I won't be looking back on my hopes for a long time.

I'll only be 30." But Brie did note that the timing would be perfect as WrestleMania 39 will be in Hollywood and Paige's in-ring career is over for the time being, which led Nikki to ask her friend and colleague if she really closed the doors to the ring of wrestling.

Saraya replied: "For now. My neck is great, I have no problem with it and it seems to be fine and all. I want even more time though. I was almost five, completely out of the ring. It passes so quickly. I see myself returning to the ring one day, but it has to be something really special and a great moment.

Even if it was a WrestleMania thing, if they ever wanted to do something, it would be a WrestleMania moment, something like that. I wouldn't want it to be wasted if it was just a last fight or whatever."

The Hall Of Fame remains a dream

The wrestler then went on to say that Zelina Vega wrote to her that the fans themselves want her in the HOF, which they wrote on social media, and then said: "I set goals for myself when I came to WWE and I did pretty much everything that I wanted to do, but I really wanted to be in the Hall of Fame.

That was my ultimate goal, to be in the Hall of Fame, it would have been a big deal because not everyone can be in it unless you are like a celebrity that you are. introduced on the show once or twice! There aren't many women.

That would be huge and important. I know you have to make history to be in there. Then I see people who would benefit from getting into it before me, but I would like to be on the radar, for sure."