Hacksaw Jim Duggan Reveals "I'm Cancer Free"

With a video posted on his Instagram account, where Jim rings the bell for cancer patients as a sign of freedom, WWE Hall of Famer himself wanted to thank everyone

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Hacksaw Jim Duggan Reveals "I'm Cancer Free"

In the world of pro-wrestling, unfortunately, in recent years we have seen numerous legends fall ill with cancer, this disease being now very widespread and of many forms, with many of the former WWE wrestlers and managers who have recovered from this terrible disease and others who instead they didn't, such as Bobby The Brain Heenan, one of the most admired managers ever.

In recent years, we have seen in fact leading a great battle against cancer by Bret Hart, Virgil or even the protagonist of this news: Hacksaw Jim Duggan, all three great protagonists of the old WWE eras, when the company was still called WWF.

Just the last Hall of Famer mentioned, had confirmed a few months ago that he had discovered a cancer in his body, with the legendary athlete who had stated: "Hi, folks, I hope you are enjoying the photos and videos from our travels.

We had great fun. But the reality is here and I'm afraid I have some bad news. It seems my cancer treatment hasn't ended even after my prostate was removed last October. Tomorrow I will have my second hormone vaccine and on Tuesday they will prepare me for radiotherapy, which will be eight weeks, five days a week.

Doctors are very optimistic that they got it soon. But it's still a terrifying time for me and my family. The doctors also said to go ahead and live life, which we will do. I'll do most of the shows, but some shows I'll have to postpone or cancel and I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be.

I will publish this evidence as I take it. So tomorrow, on the way to the doctor, I'll have the hormone injections. I will post it after the injections. I will post during this whole experience. Hopefully it can help someone out there because I know a lot of men, a lot of families who are going to go through this.

This will help me. You've helped me get through a bad time over the years, many times, and sharing it with you will help me get through all of that. So thank you, and please don't feel sorry for me. Be thankful they got it soon.

Thoughts and prayers are more than welcome and remember, I will get over this. Thank you very much, people."

Jim Duggan declares himself cured of cancer

Fortunately, in the last few hours we have received the best news we could have, which is that Jim is cured after months of treatments for his cancer and is now clinically termed cancer-free.

With a video posted on his Instagram account, where Jim rings the bell for cancer patients as a sign of freedom, WWE Hall of Famer himself wanted to thank everyone, from doctors to nurses, to his family and fans for being him.

neighbors in these very difficult moments of his life, once again celebrating a great victory, this time probably the most important. "For 8 weeks I came here, looking at this bell, hearing other people ringing this bell. I hoped to come here and ring it.

Now I ring it."