Dustin Rhodes furious about young wrestlers: "Go, get the f*** out.."

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Dustin Rhodes furious about young wrestlers: "Go, get the f*** out.."

With the arrival of Triple H, many expect big changes and positive changes. Dustin Rhodes is of the same opinion, but he also referred to the young AEW wrestlers and their contracts. “[Chuckles] Did you see [Tony Khan’s] interview? Yeah, I mean you got the few that just left there [WWE] that are under five-year deals, right? So we got ‘em for a while.

They’re not just gonna up and leave, you can’t do that. That’s what a contract is about. As far as anybody else that doesn’t have that deal, hey man, go for it, whatever. I think experience it if you want to.

If you don’t like the current atmosphere, that’s a personal issue. You need to move on. Maybe they’ll do something different with you over there, you know what I mean? I think it’s going to be a change slowly with Triple H at the helm but it’s gonna be a good change, it’s not gonna be a bad change and if not, it’s gonna be a little bit of the same plus a little more wrestling I would say, a little more storytelling which will be great for the business and great for wrestling fans.

Yeah, I mean you got so many places you can go now. But two places that really, really stand out are ours and theirs. You have to want one of those two and whatever you do, just make the best of it. If your contract’s up and you’ve had enough with AEW, go, get the f**k out”.

- Rhodes said, as quoted by ewrestlingnews.com

Dustin Rhodes speaks on Tony Khan

Dustin Rhodes made an interesting suggestion about what Tony Khan should do. “I know Tony Khan is more about the television product instead of live events right now and that’s definitely easier on our bodies, but at the same time it’s like, okay, you wrestle once a week, you know? You need to keep your body in tune and it would be nice if we had some live events and we ventured out to the state we’re in, a couple of the smaller towns or whatever to get to TV in Boston or something, right? But right now, I don’t think we have that on the books. Hopefully someday though”.