Kurt Angle: "Eddie Guerrero didn't take care of his health"


Kurt Angle: "Eddie Guerrero didn't take care of his health"
Kurt Angle: "Eddie Guerrero didn't take care of his health"

A guest on the latest edition of the Cafe de Rene podcast, Kurt Angle said Eddie Guerrero should have paid more attention to his health than him. Kurt told: "I understand the pain of the fans, but WWE cannot be blamed for Eddie Guerrero's death.

Eddie knew something was wrong with him and didn't do enough to find out what the problem was. This is the stark truth. I'm not saying Eddie intentionally let himself die, but he didn't take good care of his health. If he did, he might still be alive." In the episode of SmackDown on September 9, 2004, Kurt had faced Guerrero in a Lumberjack match and had realized the difficulties of his friend: "That meeting made me realize that there was something wrong with Eddie.

He couldn't even perform the basic moves and asked me not to touch him. I didn't know how to behave. We weren't able to complete several commercials." Between WWE, WCW and ECW, Guerrero has conquered the beauty of 23 titles.

Eddie Guerrero is unanimously recognized as one of the greatest wrestlers in the modern era and his untimely death has helped fuel his legend. During his time in WWE, he played the character of the Latino Heat, a liar and slimy man who was willing to do anything to win his matches.

Despite being a heel, he quickly became one of fan favorite characters in the early 2000s. Over the course of his career, Eddie has had a variety of alcohol and substance abuse problems, managing to defeat his demons in 2001.

On November 13, 2005, the Mexican-born superstar was found lifeless by his nephew Chavo in her hotel room in Minneapolis, where she was scheduled to host an episode of SmackDown. WWE inducted him into the Hall of Fame the following year. Eddie Guerrero's death threw millions of fans in every corner of the world into despair.

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