Tony Khan on the new wrestling era: "If you like good wrestling, you're just .."

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Tony Khan on the new wrestling era: "If you like good wrestling, you're just .."

In an interview with DAZN, Tony Khan revealed what he expects from the new management of WWE. He seems to be happy about the changes that have taken place with the departure of Vince Mcmahon. "I think that's a good thing in some ways," Khan said, as quoted by wrestlinginc."If you like good wrestling, you're just more likely to want to see it because our competitor has been doing better shows recently than they had been doing...I think they've been better.

It seems like that's the consensus among people who watch them. I think in general, if it's gonna get more people watching wrestling, that's probably not gonna hurt any wrestling company. And we stand to gain the most in many ways because if you're a big wrestling fan, and if you've been might be saying 'Where are Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson? CM Punk's back?'

New era

There are many young wrestlers and fans who will return to this sport.

Everyone is excited about what lies ahead. Khan believes that wrestling is in a great situation right now "So as we get to an exciting point of a lot of people coming back to the company, but a lot of new fans also...hopefully they want to embrace the new wrestlers in AEW and also a lot of the big names in AEW that you'll be able to see on a regular basis, people that are on the show every week and have been going all summer like Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley.

Then again, whenever CM Punk is back, there's a big setup for an undisputed championship to be crowned. I think if you're a fan of good wrestling, it'd be a great time to step back in and check it out because right now, there's a lot of good wrestling on TV."

Tony Khan