Anthony Ogogo on the match with Cody Rhodes: I did not expect that

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Anthony Ogogo on the match with Cody Rhodes: I did not expect that

Anthony Ogogo had totally different expectations from the match with Cody Rhodes. In addition, Ogogo and the others were faced with a lot of problems. "It was supposed to be a 16-minute match with Cody," Ogogo said for Insight with Chris Van Vliet, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

"I've seen people at TV, they're wrestling and are told 'You've got to cut a minute.' And then they panic, and they make mistakes. We lost 6 minutes in our match, for my first ever match, which was annoying because we had some cool s*** planned and we were going to really hype up the bigger moments.

"But you've got to be a team player in this business. And I very much am a team player and I want AEW to succeed. I want to be successful of course, but I want AEW to be successful as well. And sometimes you've got to be a team player."

Weigh In and Cody's reaction

Before the match, there was a weigh-in.

Ogogo did not know the process of the whole operation, so he had to consult with Rhodes. "F***ing dogs*** mate. Dogs***," Anthony Ogogo said. "So Cody said to me 'We're gonna do a weigh-in.' 'Oh cool. What's going to happen?' And Cody, Cody's brilliant.

He's brilliant at what he does and has a great mind for it. He's a really good coach, a great promo coach. He was like 'We can do a weigh-in.' I asked 'Who's getting knocked out? What are we going to do?' 'It's a weigh-in. We're not going to touch.'

I was like 'Oh.' I've watched enough wrestling to know that's a bit drab and a bit s***. He was like 'Nah, it's going to be cool.' Listen, this was my third week on TV. I was gonna show up, work hard, do as I'm told."

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