Sasha Banks received online abuse fans for her new look

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Sasha Banks received online abuse fans for her new look

AEW and WWE Hall of Famer commentator Mark Henry defended Sasha Banks on social media after the Boss received some online offenses. After some recent changes in WWE management, as of August 1st it was reported that an agreement had been reached for the return to WWE of Sasha Banks and her tag team partner Naomi.

The two women have not seen each other on WWE television since they left the May 16 edition of Monday Night Raw following a dispute over the management of the women's tag team division. WWE later confirmed that the couple champions had handed the belts to former head of talent relations John Laurinaitis during their farewell.

Sasha Banks received online abuse fans for her new look

While all of that may be over soon, Sasha Banks recently made headlines about her again following her appearance at the C2E2 fan convention. The photo Sasha Banks took with fans went viral after fans were told to keep their distance from the star, resulting in some shots with a new look with blue and yellow hair.

Mark Henry defends Sasha about her: "Don't go see her anymore if you don't like her" Fans immediately lashed out at her appearance via social networks with Mark Henry who intervened to defend the fan who criticized the girl: "The athlete is an athlete, if you don't like him, you think he's arrogant or else don't go to see her.

It's so simple you can't deny that Sasha has talent though." After a long time, WWE has finally decided to reassign the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship via a tournament that will take place in the coming weeks. With Triple H hiring the creative direction of WWE there is a clear discontinuity in show management with the female tag team title that will soon be relaunched.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sasha Banks and Naomi are likely to return and also participate in the tournament for the women's Tag Team titles.

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