Eric Young: "I would have hidden a corpse for Triple H"

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Eric Young: "I would have hidden a corpse for Triple H"
Eric Young: "I would have hidden a corpse for Triple H" (Provided by Financial World)

With the layoffs that have been made in WWE over the past two to three years, we have seen all the members of the former SAnitY stable, all but one: Nikki Cross. The woman obviously expressed all her love for her friends and for her husband Killian Dain, and then reached the main roster and had two gimmick changes with the WWE, with her character that has now become that of Nikki ASH.

The stable made its debut at NXT in 2016 with the quartet consisting of: Alexander Wolfe, Sawyer Fulton, Nikki Storm and Eric Young. The identities of Young and Storm were kept hidden until the end, as the two athletes always initially showed up near the ring with masks.

Nikki in particular said she was grateful for the opportunity to work with this group, saying in an interview with her: "I was surrounded by great professionals and their professionalism taught me a lot about wrestling on television." But then in June 2018 SAnitY moved to the main roster not having much success and leaving Nikki behind, which weakened them and eventually led to the breaking up of the stable, piece by piece.

Eric Young: "I would have hidden a corpse for Triple H"

In his latest interview with Reel Talker's Jim Alexander, former WWE Superstar and former IMPACT Wrestling top champion Eric Young wanted to go back to talking about his unfortunate WWE stint, saying: "I also went to a meeting with Vince to bring him some ideas and to talk to him face to face, if you have a show for three hours and you can't find five minutes for me to do anything, then you have failed.

You're a failure (to Vince). I would have told him to his face, because that was it really. At that time the production was almost all in favor of Triple H. I was not being used, I was being paid like a full time so he said I would be fine with an idea of ​​him, saying: Well we can try it, no? Perfect, I'm still here anyway, even with him.

If Triple H had been in control at the time things might have been different for me. I would have done anything for him. I would have hit a wall. I would have helped him hide a corpse! Anything he would have asked me to do. I respect him so much."

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