Ronda Rousey: "I'm okay with not having a WWE title"

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Ronda Rousey: "I'm okay with not having a WWE title"
Ronda Rousey: "I'm okay with not having a WWE title"

Ronda Rousey in UFC made history of combat sports, with the fighter who really changed the landscape for women who, like her, have chosen that path. When she was brought to WWE she was one of the most loved and supported athletes in the world, respected by all and so the company rightly decided to use the moment to bring more fans to her side, but also to put Ronda in the spotlight different.

Ronda, in fact, immediately proved to be dominant, became champion and defeated all those who stood in her path, until unfortunately the public turned their backs on her to support the one who was even more of a star at that time in WWE, that is Becky Lynch.

So Ronda lost to WrestleMania 35, she took her things and went home to start a family, have a child, which she managed to do in 2021 when she gave birth to her first daughter.

Ronda Rousey: "I'm okay with not having a WWE title"

It would seem that the former UFC player no longer has the desire he had during her first run, she seems much less motivated and indeed, she almost doesn't even want to have the weight of carrying a belt around her waist, which she declared during his last gaming stream when asked if she is enjoying the storyline she is involved in even though there is no title involved.

She said: "Sure, I guess. But I also feel like I don't need it. I enjoyed my untitled run because Roddy Piper never really needed the titles to make it big. I like not having all my stories which depend on the title and I just want to have more storylines for women out there.

Everything for women almost always involves the title and a lot of men have untitled stories all the time. I'm happy to take some untitled storylines to give more storyline to women in total. I like it."

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