Bully Ray furious at CM Punk's statements

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Bully Ray furious at CM Punk's statements

CM Punk and his actions are frustrating for everyone within AEW, including Tony Khan. Punk is causing big problems. In an interview with Busted Open radio, Bully Ray commented on CM Punk's actions. What surprised many is that CM Punk talked about the conflict with Colt Cabana “You just defeated Jon Moxley for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship in your hometown of Chicago and a returning MJF just comes out and stares you down to a monstrous ovation and the first thing you want to talk about is the dirt sheets talking about Colt Cabana and yourself.

You want to talk about the time and place, if you go back and watch the video clips of the press conference, there's a certain angle the camera is catching all of Tony Khan’s reactions. When Punk starts to bury Colt Cabana, you see the look on Tony’s face like, ‘Why is he going in this direction? Why is he saying this stuff right now?’ Punk put Tony in a weird situation right there, because Tony doesn’t want to stop Punk from talking, doesn’t want to cut him off, wants to show him respect, but Punk in going into business for himself by talking about Colt Cabana, leaves Tony in a bad spot,”- he said, as quoted by PWmania.com

Bully Ray and Tony Khan

CM Punk had some harsh words directed at AEW's main man.

Such actions are not acceptable. “So Punk is basically saying that Tony Khan has made a horrible choice in these EVPs because they aren’t even qualified to run a Target let alone a wrestling company. He’s burying Tony Khan’s decision-making.

He’s burying his fellow talents that he might have to get in the ring with. He’s burying the boys. Not only is he burying those boys directly, but the entire locker room hears this. I can assure you that the majority of the locker room is not happy that Punk is burying Hangman Page and the EVPs,” Bully Ray said.