Booker T knows how to solve a problem in AEW

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Booker T knows how to solve a problem in AEW

Booker T is a man who often amazes us with his comments, and his advice can come in handy for everyone. In the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T gave his opinion on the chaos in AEW and how he would solve the existing problems.

“If it was all true, if it was a shoot, that’s the way you really felt, my thing is this man. I’m not here to let the fans in on what we got going on personally. The fans don’t need to know if I got a beef with any of these guys in the back.

I’m serious. That isn’t something that I think is professional. If I gotta beef with Hangman Adam Page saying what he said, I’m gonna deal with it one on one in the locker room, and if we got to fight about it, we’ll fight about it.

Whatever we got to do to get it off our chest, we’ll do it. If I’ve got a problem with The Young Bucks, I’m going to tell those guys to their face. It’s not something for the world to really know unless you just want them to know it, unless you just want the fans to know, hey, man, I don’t like these guys.

Okay, why did they have to know that? I don’t know. Maybe to create more heat going between them when they work? I don’t know. Maybe that’s the thought process anyway, but for business purposes and business purposes only, it’s just like I got a worker, just say for instance, if I had The Undertaker and he was working today and he was on my television and then next thing you know he wants to go on Twitch and go outside of the boundaries of what we are trying to do with him on television, it would be a problem, and in this situation right here going into a situation like this of creating something like this, if it’s real, it would be a problem,” he said, as quoted by

Booker T gives his opinion

Booker T has his own way of working, and he knows how to act. Authority is clearly what is missing in AEW. “I would have an intervention. Everybody would have to come to the table, and the one thing that everybody got to know is that, damn it, I’m in charge.

If somebody doesn’t like that, they can walk out. There’s the door. They can move right now. But if everybody doesn’t understand that I’m running this show and this is the way we’re going to do it going forward, and the thing is in a meeting like that, I don’t even really need to hear a whole lot of, it’s not like a question and answer situation.

It’s my way or the highway situation because right now, we’re playing with my money. That’s the way I would deal with it and that’s just me. I’m not talking about Tony Khan. That’s the way I would deal with it and if the guys that didn’t want to play ball, they could take their ball and go home”.