Alexa Bliss increasingly unhappy in WWE

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Alexa Bliss increasingly unhappy in WWE

Since Alexa Bliss returned at the beginning of the year after some cartoons that portrayed her in the psychologist's office to try to overcome the loss of the Lilly doll, torn apart by Charlotte Flair, even if she returned, the wrestler no longer seems so happy with her job.

Over and over again, on social media and in some interviews, she hinted that this new version of her character doesn't excite her, that she is no longer having fun being cute and cuddly like the Penguins of Madagascar, but she misses Alexa darker.

The last statement, albeit brief, that she made on her Twitter account, occurred through a response given to a fan who posted an old screen of an episode of Raw with Alexa in his Playground with the words: "I miss Dark Alexa Bliss," with the wrestler who promptly replied: "Me too."

Alexa Bliss increasingly unhappy in WWE

During a recent interview with reporter Ryan Satin on the Out Of Character podcast, Alexa Bliss talked about all those footage we saw before her return about the therapy she was doing with Lilly, also revealing what her original plans were.

"It was an idea that I proposed for a long time. It was originally a different kind of therapy because I wanted to be carried away by Extreme Rules and then come back with a different version of the Dark Alexa character.

Of course, things change and all. I had to have surgery, so we were like, Oh, perfect, there's plenty of time to go away and give you time for Extreme Rules to settle down and come back with these therapy sessions. They were so much fun.

Everyone knows that I love acting and performing from that point of view. It's something I always feel creatively satisfied with. For me, it was my creative outlet, I was having as much fun as I could. It was so much fun."