Will Vince McMahon make one last appearance at WrestleMania 39?

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Will Vince McMahon make one last appearance at WrestleMania 39?

Almost two months have passed since the official retirement of Vince McMahon from WWE, one of the most controversial figures in the history of Wrestling and beyond. The former CEO took a step to the side after his name had ended up in the midst of several scandals and was recently seen with another woman celebrating his birthday (at the party of a few close friends there were also Lesnar, McAfee and John Cena).

Apparently, though, there are plans to grant Vince one last public appearance in 2023 at WrestleMania 39. The rumor came from an insider on US Sun's microphones: "Vince may not be done with WWE. There are internal discussions to pay homage to his contribution to the world of Wrestling.

Fans may not always have appreciated him for the way he has treated different athletes or handled certain storylines, but there is no denying the enormous contribution he has made to the business around the world. It might seem a controversial issue, but some think Vince deserves a final appearance even though any form of celebration could generate further media chaos at the moment."

Will Vince McMahon make one last appearance at WrestleMania 39?

The insider then added: "Obviously Vince will never go into the ring to fight again, but an invitation to the next WrestleMania is not to be ruled out.

There is an internal discussion about getting it introduced in the next edition of the Hall of Fame, the night before the big event. Which would mean that he would then have to appear in front of the audience right during WrestleMania.

We'll see. Despite everything, his daughter Stephanie has always spoken well in public, paying homage to his legacy and showing him great respect. The same goes for Triple H." Vince's retirement from WWE was a shock to fans and insiders, but the atmosphere seems to have changed for the better thanks to Triple H. Even NXT seems to have returned to its former glory, abandoning the fi NXT 2.0 logo.