Trish Stratus risked dying! Under emergency surgery

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Trish Stratus risked dying! Under emergency surgery

Trish Stratus return to the WWE rings, but as a presenter, when the company returned to Canada for one of her Monday Night Raw shows, where she and Edge were warmly welcomed by the crowd. During her segment she was interrupted and disturbed by Bayley and her Damage CTRLs, with Trish also trying to offer the Role Model a challenge on the spot, but obviously she pulled back, a shame given the crazy physical shape of the Canadian which perhaps could still tell a lot in the ring.

Unfortunately, however, in the last few hours she has not felt well and has been hospitalized for a very strong appendicitis. To tell it was herself through a video on Instagram.

Trish Stratus risked dying! Under emergency surgery

In the description of that video Trish wrote: “A reminder that if you ever have a nagging pain in the lower right quadrant - go to the ER ...

After a difficult 10 hour travel day on Monday I was working with a pain, on Tuesday I was preparing for an announcement (which I will post tomorrow). I have a pretty high pain tolerance so I thought they were belly cramps but it eventually got pretty intense and I went to the ER on my own and found that my appendix was preparing to burst.

Which can be really bad if it happens and it can cause death and stuff. I'm really glad I went to get checked out, you know, to avoid the whole death thing. " The wrestler then recommended that she listen to the signals of her body and talked a little about what the appendicitis pains are, to inform her fans as well.

She then concluded by writing: “I have 3 new scars to add to my body badges and one less organ ... the recovery hasn't been too bad so far, certainly manageable. A big thank you to my @mackenziehealth OR team !!" Below you can read the whole Instagram post shared by the wrestler, in which she told her problem: