Triple H on Vince McMahon: "I would never have come here if it wasn't for him"

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Triple H on Vince McMahon: "I would never have come here if it wasn't for him"

Interviewed by Sporting News a few days ago, Triple H revealed an important lesson it learned from Vince. Triple H said: "I owe my luck to many people, but I never would have come here if it hadn't been for Vince McMahon.

None of this would have happened without his help. WWE has become a world famous company thanks to its commitment, dedication and brilliant mind. Things change and he taught me an important lesson. When a change occurs, you must not be the first nor the last to experience it.

It is better to let other people test the ground first, so they see what the situation is like and let others know if it is better to set foot in the water. " The new course initiated by HHH really likes Booker T: "I have to compliment him.

Triple H and Stephanie did not hesitate to take control of the operations and make a number of changes. It is noted that their vision is very different from Vince's." Vince McMahon made WWE as we know it today and served as chairman of the federation for several decades.

A couple of months ago, Vince announced his resounding retirement leaving everyone speechless. To affect his decision, in addition to his age, were also the heavy accusations that have come down on him in recent times. The now former boss of the company was in fact accused of having paid out millions of dollars to silence several women with whom he had had extramarital affairs.

It is no coincidence that his right-hand man John Laurinaitis was also removed from the company. Vince's place was taken by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H became the new head of the creative team.

The 14-time world champion has favored the return to WWE of several stars who had been released, as well as having already given his creative touch to the shows.