WWE presents its first deaf Superstar

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WWE presents its first deaf Superstar

Great news come from WWE for the near future. In recent months, WWE has undergone numerous changes and numerous news that have gone around the world, changing what has been a consolidated reality for decades, leaving fans of the WWE Universe amazed.

In fact, since Vince McMahon's departure, the staff and organization chart of the Stamford federation have changed considerably, with NXT and the main roster receiving notable changes with the arrival of Trple H at the creative command of the company.

As we have seen in recent days, the brand that will undergo the most radical changes of all will be NXT UK, after years of the federation's European oblivion, with the brand that never really took off as a great WWE brand, with the NXT version.

overseas which will in fact be transformed into NXT Europe and will therefore include the whole old continent and not just the part of the United Kingdom of the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth. At Worlds Collide, WWE also wanted to do things big, unifying three world titles, with Mandy Rose and Bron Breakker who became the absolute champions of both roster and with the NXT USA tag team champions.

who also won their unification match.

WWE presents the first deaf Superstar in its history

Thanks to a video with a very well done promo, Myles Borne, a new athlete signed with the McMahon company for NXT, presented himself to the general public of the federation.

In a long article reported by the Wilmington Star-News, we learned that the boy had health problems at the age of 14, which left him deaf for the rest of his life. For a persistent pulmonary hypertension defined PPHN, the boy did not have adequate blood circulation in the rest of the body for a long time, with this defection leading to deafness.

But let's see how he presented himself to the WWE cameras, in the secondary broadcast of Level Up, the athlete who already made the history of pro-wrestling, managing to get on a WWE ring. Below you can read the tweet: