Charlotte Flair still far from WWE

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Charlotte Flair still far from WWE

Charlotte Flair has not yet returned from her hiatus period after theoretically Ronda Rousey injured her arm in their WrestleMania Backlash match in May, although we all know The Queen took a break to get married to Andrade El Idolo and then move into their new home, but WWE is already thinking about what to get them to do at WrestleMania 39 next year.

On her imminent return to WWE, according to Xero News, some sources have said that Charlotte Flair is back around WWE Extreme Rules 2022, so watch out for the match between Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan, but that if she doesn't return there October 8, there would be hope to see her again after the Survivor Series: "Sources have said that Charlotte Flair is ready to return.

They believe it could happen as soon as PLE Extreme Rules comes, but if it doesn't, they'll keep it for later Survivor Series.2 While her husband Andrade El Idolo is busy launching hashtags on her social media threatening to become the new Britney Spears because apparently unhappy with the booking of All Elite Wrestling, Charlotte Flair relaxes by participating in some events and meeting fans.

In fact, some photos of her and some videos emerged that portray her at an event organized by Fyllo, an IT marketing agency, where she talked, along with other personalities, about her career in wrestling. In particular, she spoke during a panel dedicated to the women who fight alongside her the UFC Fighter Juliana Peña.

Very nice and funny a post that Juliana Peña has published on her Instagram account where she and Charlotte Flair joke immortalized in some photos while they play holding each other by the neck with a squeeze, as if to challenge each other in the future, which would not be so so impossible given the presence of several MMA fighters in WWE, such as Ronda Rousey, certainly not a stranger to The Queen.