"The Rock disagreed with Vince McMahon on his return


"The Rock disagreed with Vince McMahon on his return
"The Rock disagreed with Vince McMahon on his return

Within his book, former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz revealed a particular background behind The Rock's return in 2011. He told: "It was The Rock who contacted Vince McMahon to talk about his eventual return to WWE. Johnson wanted to get back in style and asked Vince what he could offer him.

Vince's idea was to have him play only one match, which was not good for The Rock. He had something bigger in mind. A single encounter would not have sent fans into raptures and would not have fueled their passion. After hearing his opinion, McMahon presented him with an unprecedented three-year plan for the WrestleMania main event.

It was clear early on that John Cena would be involved in that project." Brian also talked about the new course initiated by Triple H: "Vince McMahon was in effect the head of creativity, but he did not know in the least what was going on at NXT.

He did not know the strengths of the athletes and had no idea which path they had. followed to get there. Once on the main roster, NXT's talents would start from scratch and often get lost. Hunter has a big advantage in this respect." The Rock made wrestling history, even managing to transcend this business.

Johnson won 19 titles during his career, including ten world titles. He was also the sixth performer in history to wear the Triple Crown, as well as winning the 2000 edition of the Royal Rumble. Starting in the 2000s, he successfully embarked on a film career and quickly established himself as one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

His appearances in the ring have become more and more sporadic, even though the WWE Universe has never stopped loving him and calling for his return. According to insiders, The Great One will face off against his cousin Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, which will take place just outside Hollywood.

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