Liv Morgan compares herself to John Cena!

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Liv Morgan compares herself to John Cena!

Liv Morgan claimed to have become a polarizing figure on a par with John Cena. Liv, during her last interview, told: "Maybe John Cena didn't want to become a polarizing figure, but he had no problem adapting to that role.

The purpose of wrestling is to get reactions from people, whatever they are. I'm still the SmackDown champion, so it's okay! If I get the same treatment that the WWE Universe gave John Cena, I will accept it without problem.

I have always had a soft spot for John. He influenced me so much and is one of the reasons I chose to become a WWE superstar. He is not a coincidence that I wear shoes very similar to yours."

Liv Morgan compares herself to John Cena!

Liv Morgan worked hard to get to the top: "Fans have seen me go from a little girl who was learning to take a bump to become a champion. There were some tough times along the way, but I never stopped believing it and to fight to make my dreams come true.

There were many who thought I would never be successful in this business." John Cena has been the iconic face of WWE for many years, contributing to the spread of wrestling to every corner of the planet. His relationship with his fans has been marked by several ups and downs, which hasn't stopped him from continuing to do his job with passion.

In 2010, the WWE Universe had begun to tire of the Boston champion and the infamous Cena sucks slogan had spread in the arenas. In addition to being a 16-time world champion (an all-time record he shares with Ric Flair), the leader of the Cenation ranks fourth in the WWE roll of champions by overall number of days. Beginning in 2017, John took on a part-timer role to pursue a film career. Follow