Does WWE leave a clue for John Cena's return?

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Does WWE leave a clue for John Cena's return?
Does WWE leave a clue for John Cena's return?

During the episode of Monday Night Raw aired on Monday 27 June, Vince McMahon wanted to appear once again, (one of his last) after the outbreak of his extramarital scandal, with the Chairman currently decayed to make room for his daughter, who has introduced his former world champion, for the celebration of his 20 years in the rings of the family company: John Cena.

Once in the ring, John told fans that he doesn't know when he will be able to return to the ring to fight and that he is 45 and therefore his performance may be numbered by now. After also having a face to face with Theory in the backstage of the red show, many have wondered if the two could go and collide at Summerslam, but apparently, according to what Dave Meltzer said before and as we have seen in the ppv then, WWE had other plans for its Mr Money in the Bank.

Eventually, rumors reported how Austin Theory vs John Cena could be staged in the Wrestlemania 39 ring, with WWE seemingly continuing to throw clues in this direction, as they did tonight in the latest Friday Night Smackdown episode.

Does WWE leave a clue for John Cena's return?

During the match between Austin Theory and Drew McIntyre that aired in the night, Michael Cole let himself go to a phrase that the fans did not miss, which was: "No doubt Austin Theory is one of the most talented we have seen in a while.

He could use an Attitude Adjustment though." The reference to the finisher of the leader of the Chain Gang seems to be obvious, with the reporter of the blue show being primed by the management may have deliberately left this clue for fans, who are already looking forward to a physical challenge between the two in the most important ring in the world of pro-wrestling, that of Wrestlemania.
However, this turns out to be only the latest in a series of clues that the WWE and the same athletes have left over the last few months and which seems to make a match between the two almost official; only the confirmation of the date and place is missing.

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