EC3: "Brock Lesnar is not antisocial and unapproachable"


EC3: "Brock Lesnar is not antisocial and unapproachable"

In a lengthy EC3 interview he stated that Brock Lesnar is not as social and unapproachable as many believe: "If you want to befriend Brock Lesnar, you don't have to be afraid of him. You have to have faith in yourself and get close to him without thinking too much.

you succeed, you realize that he is a very nice and jovial person. Brock is the kind of guy who senses the weakness of others. " Could not miss a comment on Vince McMahon: "During my experience in WWE, I have always heard legends like John Cena and The Undertaker talking very well about Vince.

They considered him a great leader and a genius in business. He did not do the same to me. impression. Vince looked after us every day, but he wasn't brilliant at all. He was just a weak and pathetic old man who had lost most of his influence.

I'm glad Triple H is now in charge. Hunter is a true leader and few know this business better than him. We have already seen several improvements in these months." Brock Lesnar returned to WWE a short time ago to resume his feud with Bobby Lashley.

The two will face off at Crown Jewel, the highly anticipated event that will take place on November 5 in Saudi Arabia. There are all the ingredients to attend a memorable show. In their first fight at Royal Rumble 2022, 'The All Mighty' had defeated The Beast Incarnate thanks to the interference of Roman Reigns.

Bobby was so successful in the WWE Championship that he would lose a month later at Elimination Chamber. Fans and insiders are convinced that Brock will do anything to take revenge. Webster's champion hasn't achieved great results this year, except for his triumph in the royal brawl.

Lesnar tried multiple times to dethrone Roman Reigns, but was beaten by the Tribal Chief at both WrestleMania 38 and SummerSlam.

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