Ric Flair comforts Kevin Nash: "Here's how I got over my loss"

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Ric Flair comforts Kevin Nash: "Here's how I got over my loss"

A few days ago, on our site, we unfortunately had to report the news about the death of Tristen Nash, son of the two times WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash.
Now, however, Kevin himself took care of breaking the silence, who spoke on the podcast Kliq This, talking about how his son Tristen died and about the last moments of him with his son.

The words of the legendary WCW athlete were in fact: "A seizure caused him a heart attack. He was practically dead in his bedroom, lying on the floor with the EMT (the paramedics performing resuscitation) on him. They managed to get the pulse back, got him into the ambulance and tried to save his life.

I absolutely have to thank the operators of the Halifax hospital, the doctors and nurses, I thank you." Unfortunately, it didn't help, because in the end Tristen left her parents and his loved ones in terrible, unbearable pain.

Ric Flair tries to help Kevin Nash with his advice

Another historic WWE and WCW athlete who unfortunately lost a son a few years ago is Ric Flair, also twice WWE Hall of Famer, who in the last episode of his To Be The Man podcast, tried to keep your friend up in the face of this terrible tragedy.

Regarding the loss of Nash, Flair said: "Fighting us the same way I did, would mean being silent and drinking for five years in a row, it certainly didn't help, I didn't solve anything. My advice is to talk to your wife about it and keep her as close as you can and don't throw accusations and blame at each other, there is no other way to fight this.
We last met at Scott Hall's birthday.

It was doubly painful for him and I don't think he's ever recovered from Scott's death yet. This shows what a great friend Scott was to him, you know, Scott could be problematic and Kevin never let him down, but we never heard a negative word from Kevin about Scott ... after all these years it's hard to find friends real, so I have nothing but respect for him."