Sasha Banks spotted backstage at WWE

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Sasha Banks spotted backstage at WWE
Sasha Banks spotted backstage at WWE

Dave Meltzer gave an update on Sasha Banks's situation in his Wrestling Observer Radio, saying: "She went to Mexico City last Sunday night where WWE did a show at Arena Ciudad, and she was a special guest, but he wasn't on the show.

Fans never saw her, but she was there. I think it's a sign that you might think it means things are on a good level when it comes to the relationship with WWE. I have no updates on her contract, but if the situation had been very tense, she would not have been a guest of honor backstage."

The contractual situation of Boss N 'Glow

Last weekend we let you know that, according to Dave Meltzer, Sasha Banks is still under contract with the Stamford company despite the long hiatus after the suspension: "Banks was in Spain last week for the World CBD Awards show.

She and the former Kalisto own a CBD brand called Premier Kanndela Labs and won the Best Industry Newcomer award. While there he was showcased training and socializing with RCW promotion wrestlers in Spain which I believe is the company where Axiom originally comes from and with whom he has built a name.

She is still under contract with WWE, but there is no word on when she will return, also because we have been told that for now the situation is pending. for a new agreement." While Naomi's contract situation, her former tag team partner involved in their walkout, still hangs in the balance, as it hasn't evolved due to some unresolved issues.

The expiration of her contract was close to when she and Sasha Banks were suspended as we all know it has been pointed out that WWE may have frozen her original contract after her walkout which means it may still be valid for a while. It is thought that Naomi was renegotiating a new deal before going on hiatus.

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