Edge risked dying on live TV!


Edge risked dying on live TV!

Between 1999 and 2000, the wonderful couple formed by Edge and Christian had a feud with the Hardy Boyz, also their ever-hugely successful tag team, with the two couples taking turns in keeping the couple titles in spectacular matches that we still remember today, including those with Dudley Boyz.

On the occasion of No Mercy 2000, between Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian there was a match for the World Tag Team Championships, although for the two Canadians there was a small change of gimmick since they were forbidden to competing for the titles a month earlier and so they started wearing a matching mask with a gold jumpsuit, calling for Los Conquistadores.

Edge almost left his pens there

During that match just mentioned above, Edge and Christian showed up dressed like that, but unfortunately one of the masks, typical of Lucha Libre, had been painted only a couple of hours before the show, causing a small problem to one of the two.

Speaking on his Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy explained how his rival Edge got into a fight, but choking a little from the fumes that had been given off by the paint. Edge risked dying on live TV: here what happened "They didn't have enough masks when we got inside building," Hardy said.

Then he adde: "I mean there was just one and that was it. They went to a mall and bought some masks. I mean they were some famous Mexican masks or whatever. Adam's mask, Edge's mask, was actually spray gold. He is almost suffocated.

He almost passed out because he was wearing a mask that had only been spray painted a couple of hours ago." During the match, Matt Hardy tore off his opponent's mask and found another one underneath, being surprised that the dangerous one was the one most in contact with Edge's face: "I think the mask painted with the spray was the one underneath. the mask I tore."