Ava Raine tries to break away from her father The Rock!

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Ava Raine tries to break away from her father The Rock!

A week ago Joe Gacy and the rest of Schism introduced us to his new member, in this case a woman, who turned out to be Ava Raine, better known as Simone Johnson, the daughter of The Rock. Unfortunately obviously coming from such an important family in professional wrestling and being the daughter of one of the most popular wrestlers in history, so much weight has been put on her shoulders, just like Charlotte Flair did and people can't completely detach her from her father.

to give her the right space to create a career.

Ava Raine tries to break away from her father The Rock!

Already in May 2022, the girl had debuted her new name by changing it on social media and obviously writing Ava Raine, with a journalist who had written to her: "Not representing Arianna Grace as the daughter of Santino Marella is one thing.

Giving Simone Johnson, THE ROCK's daughter, a new name is completely absurd. I'll keep my judgment until her debut, but if WWE doesn't recognize that her father is The Rock it's ridiculous." In response, the girl told him: "I probably sound like a broken record and I hope this is the last time I will mention this, but I don't understand why people who are portrayed as individuals separate from their family name is an argument.

so turned on. A name does not discredit any previous results from any family. I could build a whole career around my father and people would criticize me anyway."

They still don't understand

Unfortunately for her, however, it will be difficult for them to stop soon and after her segment last night with Schism in the latest installment of NXT, the official BT Sport profile linked to WWE tweeted asking what people think The Rock of the Schism, with Ava responding with a simple: "Irrelevant"