Sasha Banks trains with a former star: here who is


Sasha Banks trains with a former star: here who is
Sasha Banks trains with a former star: here who is

Naomi and Sasha Banks on May 16, 2022 decided to give up their job and leave during the live broadcast of an episode of Monday Night Raw where both would have to participate in a match to decree Bianca Belair's next challenger to the title, along with other colleagues.

. According to what was reported by the various wrestling news sites, and documented extensively also here on World Wrestling, the two, at the time couple champions, had decided to leave because they did not want to re-enter the single title round, but instead wanted to raise the women's division of couple and consequently the two titles they had in life, but the management did not want to follow these ideas.

This led WWE to suspend them, declaring after years that this was not happening, publicly, and consequently their belts were also ripped, later reassigned with a recent tournament and which are now in the hands of Dakota Kai again.

After seeing this ban, we also saw how WWE has for weeks deleted all references to the two from all its sites, social networks and online pages. All this was wanted by former Chairman Vince McMahon, now retired.

Sasha Banks reappears in training with Juventud Guerrera

After weeks of Sasha Banks appearing of some former WWE athlete, such as Kalisto or others, this time it was time to see the former world champion return to training with a sacred monster of the lightweight discipline.

In the last few hours, online photos of Sasha have appeared in the company of former WWE Juventud Guerrera, also known for his trips to Mexico and WCW. You will surely remember him from his past in WWE Mexicools, along with Psicosis and Super crazy, in the mid-early 2000s.

On Instagram, Sasha posted some photos in which she is portrayed training with Juventud Guerrera and other CMLL talents, after she was immortalized just a week ago with the fighters of an independent company in Barcelona, ​​always while training in ring.

Could these repeated workouts serve to keep her in shape for her imminent comeback to the WWE rings or somewhere else?

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