Soon a cartoon dedicated to Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero?


Soon a cartoon dedicated to Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero?
Soon a cartoon dedicated to Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero?

One of the storylines that will remain etched for the longest time in the memory and in the hearts of pro-wrestling lovers and especially of the WWE, is certainly the one linked to the custody of the little (at the time) Dominik Mysterio, son of Rey Mysterio, now become a full-fledged WWE Superstar, contended with the late Latino Heat: Eddie Guerrero.

In the now distant 2005, it was staged in the annual edition of Summerslam, a Ladder match valid for the custody of little Dominik, with Eddie Guerrero who continued to insist that the child was biologically his and not Rey's, with the couple of a thousand battles that in the end had split in a terrible way, with a totally heel Eddie Guerrero who had made the whole WWE Universe audience hate his character, who loved him so much initially.

Almost 20 years later, the public still returns to chanting Eddie's name from time to time, despite having done and said terrible things in that context, obviously behind the WWE script, which at that moment needed him as one.

of the most hated heel of the federation.

Eddie Guerrero comes back to life thanks to the WWE cartoon?

Apparently, the WWE would have had a new new project in store in recent months that should have been released soon, according to what was confirmed in the last hours by the site The Insiders, which starred both Rey Mysterio and Edie Guerrereo, in a cartoon in Duck Tales style, but as protagonists the two athletes of Mexican origin of the WWE.

According to the well-known site, in fact: "Well, these are two projects. One is a cartoon with Rey Mysterio from 2005 and I think with Eddie Guerrero. They gave it to us already. I also remember the way of writing, for some reason, which is like that of Duck Tales.

, but with Lucha masks. There weren't any ducks, but it's still drawn in the same style. I remember Eddie Guerrero playing the bad guy. And then there is Rey Mysterio. They will also introduce other characters who will be part of the cartoon.

We will see talents and athletes for a crossover as well, with people working even now in WWE. But you know, Vince was very happy with this project and so he had already brought it to completion. There is a lot of support for it from other people in the company as well, but the Emperor had yet to put his last signature on the project and he didn't." At the moment there is still no confirmation regarding the release of that cartoon a short, but fans of the late Eddie would be very happy to be able to see him again on TV, even if only in digital format to relive old memories.

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