Chris Jericho: There are many feuds in wrestling organizations

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Chris Jericho: There are many feuds in wrestling organizations
Chris Jericho: There are many feuds in wrestling organizations

Listen to Chris Jericho's appearance on Howie Mandel Does Stuff and what he had to say about feuds in wrestling organizations. Quarrels seem to be a frequent occurrence “It happens, sure it does. If you’re cast in a movie and you hate your co-star, either you make it work, do your job, put on a great performance and never talk to each other again or you leave the project.

It’s that simple. If there are people you have a problem with, which I’ve had over the years, not a lot but this guy can rub me the wrong way, ‘he’s a fucking asshole,’ whatever, you still have to put on a good show.

Sometimes you have fight in the locker room and that sort of thing. It’s a big team. Sometimes guys get into fights, sometimes guys just have the wrong attitude for how to make the team work. That’s how you have to look at it.

Sometimes, guys just have to leave”. - he said, as quoted by

Locker room fight

Jericho remembered just one that happened recently. “There was a locker room fight that happened a couple months ago between a couple of guys.

When these things happen, you have to deal with them. Sometimes, the way to deal with it is guys just have to not be there anymore”. Chris Jericho was recently at the center of a conflict, and it is interesting that the actor was also the controversial CM Punk.

Fightful Selection broke the news “Fightful Select was told by numerous sources that Chris Jericho approached CM Punk, unhappy about the Brawl Out fight as well as the nature of the scrum that had just taken place.

Jericho told CM Punk that he was a cancer to the locker room, and a detriment to the company”. CM Punk makes his job harder.