In another shot at Goldberg, Bret Hart regrets joining WCW

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In another shot at Goldberg, Bret Hart regrets joining WCW

Bret Hart once again proved that he was unstoppable when it came to taking shots at Bill Goldberg this week. As Hart admitted that even years after the fact (the two would not reconcile publicly until 2010), he still held animosity towards Michaels, he added that,: "We had our issues over the years.

But I watched Undertaker and Shawn Michaels wrestle at one of the WrestleManias. Even then, I had such a bitterness towards Shawn, but I had to admit it was one of the greatest matches I ever watched. That's where I ended up deciding to make friends with Shawn and bury the hatchet and all that.

It was very truthful, that little storyline with me and Vince and Shawn. Me and Shawn making up in the ring (in 2010) and shaking hands and all that, that was all very real and very moving for me. And was not something that was orchestrated.

Shawn wanted that off his back and I was in a position to take it off his back and that was the best resolution for both of us. We've been friends ever since. " "And I'm grateful that he's in a better place today.

I wish that none of the bad history that we had-had ever happened. I wished I'd never left for WCW because I probably wouldn't have had a stroke and I probably wouldn't have had to wrestle Bill Goldberg," he added.

Hart later went on to say,

"I was always a WWE guy, always. And I almost resent when someone talks about me like I wasn't. They're surprised I'm even around today. But I gave everything I had to that company and I'm proud of everything I did in the ring and I'm proud of what I represented."

It should be noted that Hart has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice, once for his achievements as a competitive wrestler and once as a partner in The Hart Foundation