Vickie Guerrero's beautiful tribute to Eddie Guerrero


Vickie Guerrero's beautiful tribute to Eddie Guerrero
Vickie Guerrero's beautiful tribute to Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero was one of the best wrestlers ever in the pro-wrestling world. In fact, he is considered among the best as regards his in-ring technique, his skill at the microphone and also possessed a great ability, that is to pass from the side of the bad to that of the good and vice versa in a very short time.

Although he did not have major problems fighting in a ring, the same cannot be said for what was going on in his private life. One above all was the problem related to the abuse of alcohol and drugs that we all know by now: according to the insiders of the time, this was precisely the biggest limitation of the Hall of Famer.

A great demon who, with the addition of the use of painkillers, forced WWE, back in 2001, to send Latino Heat to rehab, to try to help him get through a really complicated moment in his life. After a brief layoff, Eddie is back in better shape than ever, even going so far as to win the world title against Brock Lesnar, in an edition of No Way Out that is unforgettable for everyone.

Shortly thereafter, however, Eddie would have died forever in a hotel, early in the morning, with a heart attack that took him by surprise, crushing his career and his life, leaving his audience orphaned by one of the greatest.

stars that wrestling has ever known.

Vickie Guerrero pays homage to her husband at Full Gear

A few days after the anniversary of Eddie's death, his wife of the time, Vickie Guerrero, also known in the WWE rings as a formidable manager, wanted to pay homage to the late companion with a truly goosebumps tribute, in last ppv of the AEW.

The manager, who has been working with the Khans for a few years, as Nyla Rose's manager, has decided to pay homage to Eddie with an effective entry to Full Gear, with her and her client who entered with a low-rider car, with whom Eddie used to enter the WWE arenas.

In addition to the car, Vickie also wore the Rhea Ripley t-shirt, in homage to Eddie's latest WWE t-shirt on sale, the one with the famous catchphrase "I'm Your Papi," now "I'm Your Mami." A beautiful tribute that the whole pro-wrestling world appreciated, accompanying Vickie's entry with applause, screams and tears.

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