WWE Draft 2023: here is the possible date!

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WWE Draft 2023: here is the possible date!

Survivor Series - WarGames is now past the archives and now WWE will live about two months with no Premium Live Event to schedule. Yet despite this long "hiatus" period, the Stamford federation is already working on the future, taking into consideration the various changes and the addition of new features.

If on the one hand we talk about important changes regarding Premium Live Events such as Money in the Bank, on the other hand we can talk about possible anticipations: according to Dave Meltzer, WWE is ready to schedule the WWE Draft for mid-2023.

WWE Draft 2023: here is the possible date!

During the Wrestling Observer Radio, the well-known Wrestling journalist shared with the fans some possibilities regarding the period of the airing of the WWE Draft: "For 2022 there was talk of immediately after Clash at the Castle, then it was no longer done.

We are now at the end of the year and it is unlikely that they will make the Draft in this period. I've been told that, by 2023, we'll have to wait until after WrestleMania 39 to do that. At some point there was also talk of October, but in the end I think it will happen sooner." Meltzer then explained the reason for this choice: “WWE plans the storylines months in advance, so it's understandable that Triple H, once he came to power, wanted to stabilize the ship before making immediate changes to the rosters.

WrestleMania, when you think about it, serves as the culmination of the storylines, making mid to late April a great time to shuffle the deck. The latest WWE Draft, which has reached its sixteenth edition, aired on October 1 and 4, 2021, and the exchanges became effective on October 22, 2021, following the Crown Jewel dispute.

That Draft starred, among others, Charlotte, who passed from RAW Women’s Champion to SmackDown, and Becky Lynch, who from SmackDown Women’s Champion, passed to RAW, in the utmost clamor of the WWE Universe.