Dustin Rhodes about the match with Savio Vega

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Dustin Rhodes about the match with Savio Vega

Dustin Rhodes, a great wrestling star, spoke to Chris Jericho on Talk about "Goldust" as well as Vince McMahon's reaction, Rhodes recalled a great moment after the match with Savio Vega.. "But I liked it when he [Vince] was on the road.

It wasn’t a TV setting, right? It was just a house show. You’d show up and it was like he was at the curtain and I’m like Vince is here. What if I do this? Am I gonna get fired or whatever. And so he [Savio Vega] was like no man, come on, let’s do this.

And it was just a simple go behind him, rub up his chest and down his legs, kind of not grazing, as you know. And he turned around and he charged me and me taking a powder and they went nuts. And they called me every name in the book, and that’s the first giant reaction that I’ve gotten.

I was like, okay, that worked. I need to stay away from these rails because they are reaching hard at me, man, it was so before its time, and I was like, inside, I look at Savio back in the ring. And he’s laughing. And I’m like Goddammit man, I roll in there."- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Dustin Rhodes

Rhodes was scared at one point.

“I’m like, we lock up and he takes me back at the corner. So we’re gonna do it again. Turn me around. I’m like, What are we doing, man? Turn it around. And he said, to turn around, stick your ass in my crotch and rub it back, you know, just kind of rub it around.

And I did it. And he pushed me away. And I took another powder. And they came again. And I was just like, it was set. Yeah. And it was easy. But I was really scared to do that. That was something that like was way out of my wheelhouse”.