Eric Bischoff on CM Punk's 'potential' return to WWE

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Eric Bischoff on CM Punk's 'potential' return to WWE

Speaking to Steve Fall's Ten Count, Eric Bischoff talked about CM Punk and his 'potential' return to WWE. Many people wonder if this is realistic and if it will happen. However, nothing is known yet. “I don’t think it would be [a good business decision to bring CM Punk back to WWE].

I think CM Punk sh*t the bed. When Tony Khan brought CM Punk into AEW, he still had that mystique, the pipe bomb mystique. He was this character that stood up to [Vince] McMahon and then walked away. There’s a rebellious quality in that character that I think the average American admires.

So Punk had this mystique and still had his fan base and Tony Khan was able to take advantage of that. Over a very short period of time, that mystique began to just dissipate. It was like letting the air out of the balloon a little bit more each and every week.

CM Punk came in, and you know, great ratings, and then literally the next week, started in a free fall back down to pre-Punk levels."- he said, as quoted by

CM Punk and his reputation

CM Punk has caused problems in AEW.

His reputation is now in jeopardy.
"You look at where AEW is in terms of week to week ratings, which is the only thing we have to measure that’s public because the financial information is all private. We don’t really hear anything about the real financial information.

We just get the top line stuff. But you know, ratings are the data that we have that we can go, ‘Okay, this is where this product is going.’ Flat-line. Shortly after CM Punk got there, flat-line to pre-Punk levels and I think that a lot of that has to do with, people came, they were excited because of the aura and the mystique, they saw, and they went, ‘Eh, not so much.

A little bit, but nothing special.’ Then for Punk to conduct himself in the manner in which he did, I think it left a bad taste in not only the fans mouths, but why would anybody want to hire a guy that’s willing to, live, publicly disparage the guy that’s writing him a check every week?”